Threading is an ancient old method of hair removal. Once only popular in the East, is now sweeping the West by storm. Who would’ve thought that by using a piece of cotton thread, A Threading specialist could essentially twist it between her fingers and use it as a tool to remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows and face. An experienced Artisan Threader such as Tasneem Rahman, Owner/CEO of the Brow Boutique Threading Bar in Portland Oregon, and Founder of The Portland School of Threading, however, uses that same tool, much like a paintbrush to a canvas, to shape, define, and highlight the eyebrows by giving them a natural and organic arch that opens up and accentuates the eyes. It dramatically defines and instantly lifts the eye which gives you a clean, more polished look…Voila! A masterpiece! And speaking of masterpiece, Tasneem is an inspirational painter as well.Artisan Threader: A title, in which I appointed to one woman who is masterful, skilled, seasoned, experienced, competent, proficient, and just mind blowingly good in the art and craftsmanship of Brow Threading.