Grow & Shape your brows NATURALLY !

We placed our clients on what we call our ‘Growth Plan’, where they apply the product 3 – 4 times a week, and come in monthly for eyebrow maintenance which includes threading, tinting, and touchup (touch up is to thread any areas not in the growth zone, and finish up the look with brow filler and brow gel – ALL UPSELL SERVICES PER THREADING CLIENT).  The eyebrow results were fantastic.   If you would like to try out our products you can find them on Amazon. This assures your clients will return for repeat services with you when you place them on a plan. Many brow and lash serums are in the hundreds of dollars, and clients tend to shy away from these purchases, plus they contain harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be placed anywhere near the eyes however, our brow serum is all natural, organic and is only $18.95, and arrives in 2 days with Prime. CLICK ON THE GLASS BOTTLE TO ORDER!

castor argan oil blend

Meet Espi, one of grads from this past year. She runs and operates a successful brow biz in Vancouver. You too can be successful like Esme! Sign up for our last class in 2017, today! Happening on Monday December 4, you have all weekend to call register.  Did I mention that it’s 50% for the Holidays? YUP! Now only $600 buckaroos!

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