Threading for men by men

Threading for men by men


Every human face is unique and possesses an inherent beauty of its own. A pretty face isn’t hard to remember. It’s easier to recall faces and not names mainly because we take mental photographs of an image and file it away in our temporal lobes without needing to memorize a name to go along with it. Believe it or not, we can mostly recognize a person’s face through main characteristics in which a person may possess. One of those major facial features are the eyebrows. Javid Sadro, Izzat Jarudi, and Pawan Sinhao of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, conducted a study called “The Role of Eyebrows in Face Recognition”. In their study, they discovered that it was actually harder to recognize a face when the eyebrows are removed from a picture, than when the eyes are removed. Thus showing the importance of this often times overlooked and ignored feature of a human face.

Out of all the primates, we humans have the less amount of hair on our faces (technically speaking, although many may disagree!), and that is probably why there is so much focus and attention drawn to the eyebrows. What little hair we do wear on our faces compared to our fellow primates, we really should try to keep them tamed and well-groomed.

Not only do brows frame the face and add attractiveness, but they also pack a plethora of emotional expression into them. Eyebrows are the most expressive part of the human face. It can express anger, joy, fear, and surprise from a person who may be feeling it. Eyebrows also play an important role when we communicate with someone in a non-verbal way. When we scrunch them together, we look somewhat confused or angry. If we lift only one of them, it can be considered flirtatious or coy. An eyebrow flash is when we lift both of the brows up in a quick second, which can either mean that you acknowledge someone familiar, or that you accept and welcome a pretty face and are sneaking in a flirty, yet subtle invitation.

Communication in itself isn’t always an easy task especially between both sexes of the human species. So whether you’re doing it verbally or non-verbally, why add more confusion to the mix by sending mixed signals through your eyebrows? Bushy scraggly brows can give off the impression that your frustrated, especially when the sun is out. And for women who have the golden arches for brows, always, always, always look surprised, no matter what the situation. Eyes are the first point of contact and the first attempt at communication. In most countries it is also the foundation of respect.

Throughout history we have seen women tweeze, pluck, wax, and draw in their brows, and I’m sure most men never understood why. So let me put it in another perspective: One of the most important features of a house are the windows. The frames of a window are more important than the glass itself, because it insulates the house and it dictates an overall look and style. May it be Victorian, Mission, Spanish, or Pueblo, the design of the window frame outlines the style of house. So, if the eyes are supposedly the windows to our soul, then we had better make sure that these frames are appropriately dressed too!

What are the 5 things that every man must know about eyebrow threading?

1. Threading is quick, painless, and efficient. It does the job so much quicker than plucking out one hair at a time. It happens so quick that it is essentially pain-free, and the way the thread works, it can remove rows of hair at a time, making it precise and adequate.
2. Threading is becoming more and more popular and will soon be in every barbershop and salon across the nation. Men threaders will be eagerly sought, and highly compensated.
3. Grooming your eyebrows doesn’t mean you’ll look like a woman. An experienced Threading specialist will know what to do for your man brows, and know how to make you look even manlier!
4. Threading isn’t just for women. Men look good when they are well groomed, and women love good looking men.
5. Threading isn’t only done by women. Men threaders are all over the globe. After a nice haircut, and a clean shave, threading is used to remove stray hairs around the face and forehead, between the brows, and below the eyelids. It finishes off then entire grooming process and gives men a clean and crisp appearance.

If you’re in town looking for a male threader, it might be a little hard to find at first. But you can be rest assured to get nice man brows done at the Brow Boutique Threading Bar in Tigard, by Artisan Threader, Tasneem Rahman. Or if you know any male barbers, who could use this tool in their tool belt, let them know that the Portland School of Threading is now forming classes, and they will soon be the most sought out barber in town!