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The Portland School of Threading created a curriculum that not only teaches the fundamentals of threading, but will also introduce our very own Eyeconic Brow Shaping System ™ which eliminates the use of templates and stencils and uses natural facial contours, face shapes and bone structure to help you envision and formulate each individual’s unique and natural brow design.  We offer two types of classes  

  • Threading Course
  • Sugaring Course

Threading Course

 In this course, we will cover different brow types, straight, curly, bushy, sparse, no brows, and re-grow brows. This system was first introduced in Tasneem’s book “Threading Through Thick & Thin, an in depth resource for threading”. 


Threading has long gone viral. And we have always been way ahead of any fads or trends of using threading as a method of hair removal and eyebrow shaping.  Portland School of Threading  has been around since 2010, and there is still not enough skilled or qualified threaders in the Pacific Northwest.  The Portland School of Threading has revolutionized this profession and more esthetician’s need to take that leap of adding this timeless skill to your service menu!


You will spend 5 class hours sketching, framing, filling, and shaping (with the thread). You will learn methods on brushing and trimming different brow types, and learn how to develop a growth plan for clients who are trying to achieve fuller brows. This threading class was designed to teach licensed estheticians  the artistry of threading as a craft. 


What you will learn:


•Learn about different bone structure and face shapes

•Learn how to tailor an eyebrows to enhance unique face shapes

•Learn how to create an organic and natural appearance of an eye lift without surgery

•Learn to fill-in eyebrows with different products

•Learn about different product colors to match client skin color

•Strategize an individualized eyebrow growth plan using natural products or serums for your clients.


We will practice thread holding and threading during the last 2 hours of the class (if there are enough students attending class, we may practice on each other if models are unavailable). See Covid Precautions for updates. 


Students who complete this course will be fully competent in the Art of Threading, and have a mastery in this craft.

eyebrow shaping portland school of threading

Course Outline

• History of threading

• How threading works

• Benefits of threading in relation to other types of hair removal

• Client preparation, tools and workspace for threading

• Safety and threading sanitation practices

• Basic knowledge of contra-indications and adverse effects

• Fundamentals of Threading Techniques

• Exclusive Eyeconic Brow Shaping System™

• How to incorporate threading services into your business

• Portland Threading School Curriculum

• PST’s Threading Starter Kit (100% organic cotton thread, scissors, tweezers, Brow Boutique Brow kit {duo brow powder, brush applicator, brow gel})

•Certificate of Completion will be issued on successful participation and completion of the course.


Students must show proficiency in facial threading.  This includes the forehead, cheeks/sideburns, upper lip/lower lip, and chin/neck.  

Fees : $800

Duration: 5 hours

10:00 am - 3:00pm

Day: Sunday

Full Curriculum and a Starter kit is included in this class. The online book is available for purchase from Amazon but not required. 


Call for next class  at 503-699-9999.

Sugaring Course

Learn about the all natural method of hair removal, Sugaring. At the Portland School of Threading, sugaring is a tradition that runs deep in our veins.  Like threading, it is an ancient old method of hair removal that has been used in our family for generations.  Sugaring requires different techniques than waxing due to the different consistency and texture of the product.  Learn about ancient old techniques and efficient ways to handle the sugar and have it work for you, instead of you working hard on the sugar. See Covid Precautions for updates.


What you will learn:


•History of sugaring and hair removal

•Learn how to handle and manipulate the sugar

•Learn different application methods

•Arms, legs, underarms are taught in class.


Students who complete this course will be fully competent in Sugaring, and have a mastery in this craft.

Sugaring hair removal epilation


Fees : $200

Duration: 5 hours

10:00 am - 3:00pm

Day: Sunday

Full Curriculum  included in this class.

Call for next class  at 503-699-9999.

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