The Portland School of Threading brings an infusion of tradition and design to an ancient form of hair removal now known as ‘Threading’. Our team of threading and design experts formulated a simple and efficient system that allows you to construct and create a brow shape unique to the individual by using the most accurate method to achieve the desired outcome. Threading brings preciseness and definition to brow shaping that makes it the fastest growing brow shaping and hair removing technique that is revolutionizing the beauty industry.

There are several threading classes or workshops in the area that teach basic techniques of threading. There are different ways that the thread can be wound around the fingers, but basically they produce the same result. So why choose the Portland School of Threading? Experience. Tasneem Rahman holds 25 years of experience under her belt, with a vast knowledge and understanding of design. What does design have to do with threading? Everything. The concept of design comes with an underlying notion of balance and perception. Perception is what the eye actually sees, or thinks it sees, based on the principles and elements that are presented in order to create illusion.

As we all know, the eyebrows frame the face. It brings attention to the eyes, nose, and lips. However, there may be times when certain features of a face may not need extra attention. Our students will inhabit the skills to practice slight manipulations of the shape, length, color, width, or space of the eyebrows that can distract from the area of concern. In this class, participants will learn the fundamental elements of formulating the perfect semblance without the use of stencils, templates, or measurements…You will just ‘know’ how to construct that perfect brow, and why you are doing it. Students will learn how to devise treatment plans if needed for thin or sparse brows, and offer solutions or suggest products to assist with the recommendation. Students will also be able to recognize different design strategies for different ethnicities, age groups and gender.

Threading is another trick that you can add to your esthetics hat. No extra equipment is needed, it has an extremely low overhead, it’s quick and easy to start up, and it is a highly sought out method of eyebrow shaping and hair removal in the Pacific Northwest.

The Portland School of Threading is not a fly by night workshop or mini class that will just teach you how to thread. Threading is an art, and we take it very seriously. Those who successfully complete our course will receive a certificate to attest Mastery in this trade

Threading is an ancient old method of hair removal. Once only popular in the East, is now sweeping the West by storm. Who would’ve thought that by using a piece of cotton thread, A Threading specialist could essentially twist it between her fingers and use it as a tool to remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows and face. An experienced Artisan Threader such as Tasneem Rahman, Owner/CEO of the Brow Boutique Threading Bar in Portland Oregon, and Founder of The Portland School of Threading, however, uses that same tool, much like a paintbrush to a canvas, to shape, define, and highlight the eyebrows by giving them a natural and organic arch that opens up and accentuates the eyes. It dramatically defines and instantly lifts the eye which gives you a clean, more polished look…Voila! A masterpiece! And speaking of masterpiece, Tasneem is an inspirational painter as well.Artisan Threader: A title, in which I appointed to one woman who is masterful, skilled, seasoned, experienced, competent, proficient, and just mind blowingly good in the art and craftsmanship of Brow Threading.